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The Belgian Presidency Euroroc 2018 – 2020

On Friday September 28th 2018, Euroroc’s General Assembly has elected Mr. Kristof Callebaut (Brachot-Hermant Group) and Mr. Stijn Renier (Renier Natuursteen) as the co-presidents for the next two years. Mr. Kristof Callebaut and Mr. Stijn Renier are the representatives of the “Union des Carrières et Scieries de Marbres de Belgique”, Euroroc’s Belgian member. Together with Prof. Dr. Gerd Merke (secretary-general) they will lead Euroroc for the next 2 years.

About Euroroc

The various European federations of the dimension stone industry decided in 1950 to found a common organization to work together on the European level. As the process of European integration has developed, the need for joint decision making and common activities has increased. As in most fields, it is also true in the dimension stone industry that a common European standpoint is needed, in order to harmonize the interests of the member federations and at the same time to protect the regional diversity of the industry.

The aim of this federation is to coordinate questions of common interest, find solutions for common problems, promote dimension stone, as well as represent it in dealings with European institutions in addition to political and industrial bodies, scientific institutions and universities at the international level.

All the relevant national federations of the European Union are members of EUROROC. Friendly relations are maintained with stone federations outside the EU and worldwide networking is gaining more and more importance.

Belgian Presidency – program for the next years

In the coming 2 years, Euroroc will be structured even better as to improve the continuity between the presidencies and to clarify the different roles in the organization better. The website will be overhauled to make it more interactive and offer more content. It will eventually feature an inventory of all educational programs on natural stone available in Europe and also a knowledge base with links to all papers and guides on natural stone made available by the members. Furthermore, European wide virtual teams (“Quarries”, “Safety”, “Marketing”, “Environment”…) will be created to improve the collaboration between all members. And finally, Euroroc will keep and improve the collaboration with other associations worldwide on a base of equality.