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Huge 5000 m² Stone Gallery opens its doors!

Brachot-Hermant is proud to finally present its new Stone Gallery in Deinze, and this on an area of no less than 5,000m²! After an intensive period of renovation we are ready to welcome you again! More than 500 materials in various finishes can be admired in this grand stone gallery! The attention to detail and the combination of natural stone, ceramic and composite in the Stone Gallery are unrivalled in Belgium and far beyond. The unique way of displaying the slabs on specially designed black stands, combined with presentations of tiles and wall coverings, which show the different possibilities for applications, finishes and formats. The entire display is beautifully set off by the sleek interior with white walls, large panes of glass and carefully chosen lighting and floor coverings. Photographs on the walls show the process from quarry to finished slab. The gallery stimulates visitors with ideas and designs, and also has separate rooms for brainstorming, consultations and training. These can be found both in the Stone Gallery, surrounded by the slabs, or outside it, in the offices. Everything is focused on making things easier for our customers, offering them information, inspiration and a total experience.

Extraordinary range

Brachot-Hermant is an expert in all kinds of stone. The first thing that springs to mind is the gigantic range of natural stone on offer. Granite, marble, travertin, limestone, you name it. The blocks or slabs are purchased or extracted from one of our 19 quarries and then sawn in Deinze (Belgium) or at a different production site worldwide. Our Family Members are well represented. For example you will find Kilkenny Limestone in the floors of the reception and offices, slabs from Cameleon in South Africa on the façade, in the ceramic tiles of the outdoor park, Beltrami’s natural stone tiles indoors and outdoors, Granitarn in the exterior finish and so on.

The blended materials such as the composites Unistone (quartz) and Unimarble (marble), Terrazzo and ceramic are also represented in the Stone Gallery.
In ceramics, we are also presenting the Uniceramica range for the first time. It includes marble, travertin, granite and basalt designs. The eye-catchers are sure to be the Uniceramica Basalto Nero and Grigio, with the appearance of a grey basalt and finished with the unique Bocciardata surface structure that we designed ourselves.

Stone is something you need to experience

The focus in and around the new showroom is all on the customer experience. As soon as you drive into the car park, you meet our materials. Literally, because you park your car on the Rose de la Clarté granite from our own SAG quarry. Next to it is an outdoor park that is home to all kinds of natural stone and ceramic tiles from the extensive Beltrami and range. The outdoor finishes of Granitarn and Larvik Granite are also on display there. These are materials from our own quarries in France and Norway.
The Stone Gallery is a total project that achieves our goal of bringing its variety of collections as close as possible to the customers and bridging the gaps between the different sub-brands.

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