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Trend Pick The Nest – Francq Colors

Trend Pick The Nest – Francq Colors

People are increasingly looking for intuitive ways to think about health. They want to improve their body and mind with natural and healthy solutions. With beautiful, soft, round and organic shapes and colours.

Hilde Francq, trend watcher and colour expert, describes in her Color Trend Report 2021/2022 the trends concerning colour, material and interior. Brachot likes to translate these trends to the wonderful world of natural stone and composite materials. On our blog, you were already introduced to 'Revive 2'. In this blog, we present the colour palette 'The Nest 2'.

Soft shapes and colours: from green to new neutrals 

The soft and organic forms and colours also return in the interior. In a diversity of materials. Designers get their inspiration from mushrooms and nature. Without wanting to create a hippy feeling. The result is put through an L.A. photo filter and will be much more glamorous. As if it were too good to be true.

Because of the inspiration sought in nature, green is not missing among the trend colours. In marble, this colour is an absolute hit. Marble comes in thousands of shapes. From simple and neutral to expressive with many veins and a full colour palette. These natural shades are often used as a starting point for the entire interior. 

We also note the so-called new neutrals. These beige-like earth tones give an interior an embracing feeling and create a warm, homely atmosphere.

“Playing with colors in your interior is so much more than just painting the walls. Materials such as stone and ceramics are just as good in bringing character and atmosphere into your interior.”

Materials Brachot Surfaces: Vert Antigua | Uniceramica Saint Laurent
Materials Beltrami: Miele (ceramics) | Rusty Slate

"Whatever you do, natural materials such as wood and stone make up an interior that's overflowing with personality.”

Materials Brachot Surfaces :  Uniceramica Saint Laurent | Calacatta Vagli Oro | Sahara Beige | Breccia Medicea | Forest Brown
Materials Beltrami : Rusty Slate


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