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Maintenance - Ceramic

Ceramic kitchen worktops are manufactured with high-quality raw materials that are put under extremely high pressure and baked at a very high temperature. This creates a hard, non-porous material that is resistant to high temperatures and UV radiation.

Maintenance - Dolomite Marble

Like conventional marble, dolomite marble is a popular material for kitchen worktops and other interior finishes, such as splashboards, tables and tablets. The two main reasons for this are its durability and aesthetic qualities.

Maintenance - Kilkenny Limestone Or Bluestone

Kilkenny Limestone and Bluestone have been used in indoor and outdoor applications for centuries. Thanks to their very dense structure and hardness, these types of limestone are perfect for kitchen countertops.

Maintenance - Marble

Marble has been used for kitchen worktops and other interior finishes such as splashboards, tables and tablets for centuries. It has both excellent aesthetic qualities and durability.

Maintenance - Quartz Composite

Unistone is a composite of high-quality quartz that has been mixed and pressed with pigmented resins. This very hard and wear-resistant material has low porosity.

Dolomite Marble

Like quartzite, dolomite marble combines the design of marble with a high level of hardness. Like marble, this natural stone is an age-old metamorphic rock with comparable properties. These include heat and stain resistance, as well elegance and an impressive play of lines.


With more than a century of experience under our belts, we are true granite experts. Our specialists select the granite from both our own quarries (in France, Norway, Portugal, and South Africa) and other quarries worldwide.


Limestone is a natural stone, meaning geological processes have ‘sculpted’ this material for centuries. You can also see that because fossils, shells, animals, plants, or corals are woven into the stone. The unique structure of this very natural material is combined with warm shades of white, beige, and grey.


Marble is a natural stone, meaning geological processes have ‘sculpted’ this material for centuries. This makes each slab different and unique. The intriguing play of colours and veining is one of marble’s biggest assets.


Who says you can’t have it all? The unique characteristics of quartzite bring together the best that nature has to offer. This durable natural stone is one of the hardest materials to be found.


Terrazzo is the interior trend of the moment. After it appeared in almost every home in the 1980s, this material is making a strong comeback. Although we used to see terrazzo mainly as a floor, today, the typical speckled pattern also appears in wall cladding, stairs, fireplaces, and other decorative elements, such as tables and vases.


Brachot Surfaces’ Uniceramica ceramic collection offers 12 Italian ceramic designs for the interior and exterior. With the natural looks of marble, travertine, granite, limestone, or basalt, this contemporary range fully responds to today’s interior design trends.


Brachot Surfaces offers 9 different Unimarble marble composite designs. This strong and budget-friendly material is composed of marble and limestone granulates, colour pigments, and polyester resin. The latter element, in particular, is at the basis of the impact resistance and low water absorption of the Unimarble slabs.


Unistone quartz composite effortlessly combines aesthetics with durability. Not only does this material look beautiful, it is also extremely hard.