Brachot takes translucent natural stone to Architect@Work Paris


On 22/23 September, Brachot will be taking part in Architect@Work in Paris at the Paris Event Center. This year we are presenting the exclusive and brand-new Cristallo Pink quartzite. A fascinating natural stone of Brazilian origin. Its unique features and soft pink colour palette will be displayed in full at stand 82.

Brachot is well known as a total supplier of natural stone and blended materials (quartz and marble composite, terrazzo and ceramic). As a renowned specialist, we have a global network of quarries and production sites from which experts select the highest quality materials. Besides that, we work with carefully selected suppliers of unique materials. For the presentation at Arch@Work in Paris this year, we have opted for the Cristallo Pink material, a beautiful Brazilian quartzite with a glassy, translucent look.

Cristallo Pink will be presented during Architect@Work in Paris, to be held on 22/23 September. Visitors will be able to admire this subtle quartzite with light pink hues and orange-brown veining. The serene stand enhances the beauty of this stone and shows it in a polished finish.

As hard as glass

The Brazilian Cristallo Pink is a quartzite, formed over centuries from the quartz minerals in sandstone. The heat and high pressure cause these to fuse together to form an exceptional material. That process makes this type of natural stone as hard as glass and very easy to maintain. It makes the natural stone suitable for all kinds of indoor and outdoor applications, such as kitchen worktops, wall cladding, floors, stairs, shower walls, etc.

In addition, the soft colour shades and the unique translucent properties are great assets for all kinds of projects. Every slab is different, but Cristallo Pink guarantees a luxurious touch. Moreover, this quartzite responds to two current trends. On the one hand, the dreamy colour palette fulfils our craving for calm elegance after turbulent pandemic times. On the other hand, the high durability and high-end appearance meet the increasing demand for exclusive products and for quartzite in particular.

Sustainable choice

Natural stone is an extremely durable material. It is formed by nature and is extracted directly from the soil, without using harmful substances or complicated techniques. Natural stone also lasts a lifetime and can be completely recycled. The material fully complies with the cradle-to-cradle philosophy. Brachot reinforces this sustainable vision through continuous investment in machinery and in optimal and environment-friendly means of extracting the material. In this way, we are creating added value for current and future generations with valuable, high-quality materials.