• Expertly Extracted

    Being the owner of several quarries around the world, Brachot is the quickest way to source your stone.

  • Cut with precision

    Up-to-date machinery - Sawing blocks in slabs and tiles, Service-Sawing, Job Processing and more than 10 indoor surface finishes!

  • Time tested durability

    Diverse selection, large stock and fast delivery. With more than 100 years of artisanship Brachot-Hermant is a specialist in natural stone. 

  • Finished with passion

    Unique color shades and wonderful structures.

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Be surprised by the natural stone of all colours, shapes and sizes.

From icy Norwegian Labrador to scorching South African Red, from sweltering Brazilian Café Brown to mystical Indian Shivakasi: every natural stone is unique.


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Product groups

Natural stone, composites, hard stone or quartz: every product group has specific qualities.

Natural Stone, Uniceramica, Unistone, Unimarble, Kilkenny Limestone, Art by Nature, Rustenburg: for every use and for every finish you will find the right material.


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Be inspired by a variety of realisations. 

Choosing natural stone is choosing a unique product from nature. A surprisingly versatile and pure material that only becomes more beautiful over the years.

Nieuwsbericht 15-10-2019

Acquisition of the production unit ADHL (Les Ateliers du Haut Languedoc) strengthens the position of the Belgian natural stone professional Brachot-Hermant Group in France.

Brachot-Hermant Group commits even further to vertical integration
Nieuwsbericht 18-09-2019

The Brachot-Hermant Group recently acquired the extraction and production activities at the Emile Rebillon quarry, located in Perros-Guirec in Brit