Natural stone trends for terraces and outdoor areas in 2024

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Outdoor natural stone applications have undergone a remarkable transformation in 2024. From innovative finishes to new materials and formats, this year's trends combine to create an interplay of simplicity and functionality without losing sight of the importance of aesthetics. Let's take a look at seven notable trends that define today's outdoor spaces.

Small sizes, big impact

A noticeable shift in trends is the preference for smaller sizes of tiles, clinkers, bricks and other outdoor materials. While large tiles were popular for a long time, designers are now more likely to choose smaller sizes to create finer details and more complex patterns. These smaller sizes also offer more flexibility and leeway when designing different outdoor spaces.

This blue-grey stone from Ireland exudes pure class and authenticity. The material is mined from the company’s own source Kilkenny Limestone Quarries, providing an infinite number of possibilities in terms of size, finish, thickness, etc.

Stonestrips mix, honed and hand cleft, random lengths 5/5 cm

Stonestrips mix, diamond-sawn and hand cleft, random lengths 5/5 cm

Stonestrips mix, diamond-sawn, flamed and hand cleft, 5/5 cm

Stonestrips, flamewashed, random lengths 15/5 cm

Paving slabs, flamewashed, 60/40/3 cm

Pavers, stonewashed, 24/8/5 cm

Strips, bush-hammered, random lengths

Strips, diamond-sawn, random lengths

Tiles, stonewashed

Paving slabs, ground, different dimensions

Uniformity in diversity

Breccia Verde, tiles, various dimensions

Uniformity in diversity

In line with the previous trend, we see landscape architects opting increasingly for a single material, which is then laid in different formats, however, instead of using a mix of materials. With this style, the outdoor space radiates a cohesive unity, contributing to a feeling of harmony and tranquility, yet with a playful touch.

Seamless transition from indoors to outdoors

A trend that is becoming increasingly popular is a seamless transition of the same material from the interior to the exterior. This ensures a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a feeling of continuity and connection. Using the same materials also strengthens the visual harmony between the different parts of the home.

Poolhouse & Terrace in Flagstone Kavalas

Covered terrace & outdoor flooring in Sinai Pearl limestone

Calm tones dominate

In 2024, calm tones such as light grey, beige and white are predominant in outdoor applications. These colours exude a timeless elegance and create a soothing atmosphere in outdoor spaces. They form a perfect canvas for both modern and classic design styles, integrating nicely with different landscape elements. They appear to blend in with their surroundings. Natural stone set in nature as a natural element.

Trending material: Atlantica limestone, travertine Silver in cross cut en vein cut

The rise of flagstones

Flagstones, with their natural look and playful shape, are becoming very popular for outdoor applications. This ‘crazy paving’ style is often used for terraces, garden paths and driveways for reasons of durability and aesthetic appeal. Flagstones add a rustic charm to outdoor spaces and are available in a variety of colours and textures.

Trending materials: Kavalas slate, Bronze Desierto quartzite, Gris Desierto quartzite, Gobi Yellow quartzite

Flagstones Kavalas

Flagstones Muschelkalk

Flagstones Gobi Yellow

Flagstones Bronce Desierto

Our own specific finishes

In 2024, we are seeing appreciation for innovative finishes developed in our own StoneLab, such as arenado, ruvido, vieux castel, vieux bleu belge and flamewashed. These finishes add texture and character to surfaces to help achieve the unique look of outdoor spaces. They also provide functional benefits, such as improved grip and weather resistance.




Vieux bleu belge

Vieux castel

Travertine, also popular for outdoor use

Travertine, with its warm tones and natural variation, is quickly gaining popularity for outdoor applications. This limestone is often used for terraces, pool copings and wall cladding on account of its durability and aesthetic appeal. It gives outdoor spaces a timeless look and seamlessly integrates with both modern and more traditional design styles.

Terrace & Pool copings in travertine Noce (diamond sawn)

Terrace & pool copings in travertine Pietra Bicci

Terrace & pool copings in Travertine Classic Beige (antico)

In 2024, the focus for outdoor applications is on uniformity, calm tones, smaller sizes and unique finishes. These trends provide inspiration for creating beautiful outdoor spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

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