Local French natural stone

Blocks, slabs, tiles and other products

At Granitarn, you are right at the source. Local varieties of blocks of Tarn and Rose de la Clarté are extracted from our quarries in a sustainable and responsible manner. These blocks, together with other materials such as Norwegian granite, are processed into slabs, tiles and products for urban development and monument construction.

Achievements with our products

Granite extracted by Granitarn is a very solid and durable natural stone with unique properties and high resistance to wear. Thanks to its abrasion resistance class 5, as well as its low porosity and high frost resistance, local products from the Tarn are ideal for both interior and exterior projects.

On account of its exceptional hardness, Tarn is also in great demand in areas of high traffic density, for instance, in urban environments. Additionally, this versatile French natural stone is also suitable for use in interior design, creation of monuments and large-scale paving projects.

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Our products

Granitarn extracts local Tarn granite from its own quarries. These include Tarn Royal, Tarn Fin Grain and Tarn Gros Grain. These types of Tarn derive their hardness and strength from the composition of the Sidobre Massif, from where we extract high quality blocks.

This French Tarn is composed of alkaline and plagioclase feldspars, grey quartz and black biotite. These are what give this natural stone its variations in granularity and colouring.

Urban development

On account of its exceptional hardness, Tarn is also in great demand in areas of high traffic density, for instance, in urban environments.

Granitarn's modern and optimised production site offers a wide range of products for urban development. In addition to products from the Tarn, other French natural stones such as Rose de la Clarté and Nero Angola are also available. We offer blocks, slabs, cobbles, outdoor tiles, kerbstones, platform strips, paving stones and tactile paving, doorsteps, urban/street furniture, etc. All of these are available in many formats, styles and finishes.

Sustainability, around the world

French stone is a natural product with a unique appearance and an ecological character that lasts a lifetime. Granitarn supports this sustainable character. First of all, by putting the emphasis on local production of Tarn and other natural stones and, secondly, by our selection of a central location. We therefore invested in a site that, thanks to solar panels and a water collection and purification system, is almost climate neutral and environmentally friendly.

From Burlats, we can arrive on site rapidly, which in turn translates into reduced CO2 emissions. We can deliver within just a few hours not only to Nice, Marseilles or Paris, but also to Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain or Switzerland.

About Granitarn

Granitarn is a model of successful vertical integration. With us you obtain directly from the source. The types of stone from the Tarn region are extracted from our own local quarries in a sustainable and responsible manner. The modern and optimised production site considerably increases the options in terms of dimensions and thickness. This applies to Tarn, as well as other French natural stones.

In Burlats, Granitarn controls the entire supply chain, from quarry via production to distribution.



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