Rose de la Clarté: Granit de Bretagne, for distinctive paving projects


We have great news to usher in the new year! All our iconic pink granite Rose de la Clarté quarries, located near Perros-Guirec (Brittany) along the stunning Côtes d'Armor coastline, have received regional accreditation from certification body Certipaq. This prestigious recognition means that the striking granite extracted from our Brittany-based quarries now proudly bears IG (Indication Géographique) Granit de Bretagne certification.

A showpiece of the region, Rose de la Clarté has become a hallmark of craftsmanship and authenticity. This certification not only commends the stone for its exceptional quality, but also the heritage and craftsmanship behind its extraction. All in all, it’s a truly unique product that we’re proud and delighted to present to the market.

Certificate "Granit de Bretagne"

Technical strength

Technical strength

Did you know that Rose de la Clarté’s technical properties make it highly suitable for paving projects? This French granite, featuring a moderately coarse-grained texture and unique, warm deep pink colour, boasts outstanding technical properties and is fully resistant to frost.

With an average compressive strength of > 180 MPa, Rose de la Clarté has a considerably higher compressive strength than concrete and is ideal for use in paving projects. With a minimum expected compressive strength value of 179 MPa, Rose de la Clarté qualifies for the highest, class 6 usage grade in accordance with PTV 819-2 for paving (Belgian criteria in accordance with Copro's PTV 819-2 for natural stone paving).

Authentic and distinctive

The granite blocks are extracted from our Breton quarries close to the Côtes d'Armor using sustainable and responsible techniques. The quarried blocks are subsequently processed into flagstone, slabs, edging and other paving products at our optimised, state-of-the-art production site run by Brachot Family Member Granitarn (FR). The variety of available finishes invariably lends Rose de la Clarté a unique appearance and provides a wealth of options. This means that there’s a suitable finish for every project.

Côtes d'Armor

Quarry SAG

Quarry SAG

For paving projects, we primarily supply flamed, sandblasted or bush hammered finishes. In addition to a rugged and robust appearance, this type of finish also imparts the stone with the requisite non-slip properties. We can also create a custom finish,  ensuring a comprehensive product range tailored to the specific requirements of every project.


Rose de la Clarté granite is extracted from Brachot-owned quarries in France and processed in the country itself. This local production ensures a European granite through and through, resulting in lower CO2 emissions in comparison with products that are imported from elsewhere, such as Asia. This enhances the granite’s sustainability, making it a more environmentally friendly choice. The fact that this process is conducted locally underlines the benefits of supporting local production and reducing transport-related emissions.


European products such as Rose de la Clarté not only satisfy stringent quality standards, but also contribute to environmental preservation by reducing the carbon footprint. Factor in the rising container prices, and the choice is quickly made.

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