What is the best material to make a driveway?

Inspirational guide to our range of natural stone tiles for the construction of your driveway.


Natural stone is universally applicable and extremely suitable for terraces, driveways and paving alike. Whether you are opting for a rustic look in a rural setting or visual and quality added value in a modern home, natural stone is and always will be a durable choice.

Natural stone

Kilkenny Limestone

Kilkenny Limestone

With Kilkenny Limestone, you bring a durable, high-quality and authentic bluestone from Ireland's interior into your home. The stone is quarried in our own quarries in Kilkenny. As this is natural stone from our own quarries, we control the entire process. From quarrying through production (sawing and processing) to distribution. As standard, Kilkenny Limestone is available in stonewashed, flamewashed, cleaved, sanded and flamed finishes. Other finishes are always available on request. The versatility of Kilkenny Limestone shows in numerous applications: terraces, facades, driveways and paving. With its blue-grey hue, Kilkenny Limestone integrates perfectly into a wide variety of living and building styles.

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