Facade and wall cladding

A guide in your search for the material that suits you best.

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Natural stone is also a durable and good choice for wall and façades cladding. With tiles, stone strips and mosaics, you can create a unique accent. Our range includes various types of wall claddings. Tiles, for example, offer numerous possibilities. They transform a dull wall into a stylish eye-catcher. You can also choose mosaics in various formats, styles and colours. Our motifs all have a refined finish. From bamboo look and hexagons to fishbone patterns and the traditional squares.

Finally, our stone strips also add quality to your wall. Stoneskin is a series of rough natural stone strips with coarse strokes and a cracked structure for a natural effect. Stonepanels are for those who prefer a robust touch with authentic colours. Minipanels are very finely cut natural stone strips for an elegant detail. If you like a brute structure and a cracked finish, the characterful B-rocks are the best choice for you.



Stoneskin consists of a series of rough strips of natural stone for indoor and outdoor use. This year's newcomer is the stoneskin Scabascuro. The combination of rough strips and a cleft structure gives the surface an instantly unique and natural effect. Use them as an eye-catching wall or façade cladding or in combination with other materials such as wood or plaster. The Strips are grouped in plaques for quick and easy installation.

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