Fossil Stone - Kilkenny Limestone


For this Fossil category, we select the natural stone blocks very carefully from the rare stratum in the quarries that contains such an exceptional quantity of fossils. The fossil imprints were created hundreds of millions of years ago. Besides extracting and selecting the right natural stone blocks, the sawing and processing of the slabs is also done with the utmost of precision and expertise, so that only the most beautiful examples in the unique Fossil category are offered to our customers.



The fossil range contains large, white fossils of oysters and shells. This will be very notable in the Letano finish. This treatment turns the stone matt dark in colour so that the white shell fossils form an attractive contrast and stand out even more.

The fossil is suitable for exclusive applications interior finishing tiles, worktops, walls, outdoor facades and paving. Is also available in a selection of finishes in standard tile format 60/30 cm, 60/40 cm and 60/60 cm and in slabs can be cut to bespoke sizes.

Fossil Stone_KILKF_flamed_fossil_paving.png
Fossil Stone_KILKF_flamed_sawn.png
Fossil Stone_KILKF_hammered_fossil.png
Fossil Stone_KILKF_hammered_sawn.png
Fossil Stone_KILKF_stonewashed.png
Fossil Stone_KILKF_stonewashed_20x20.png
Fossil Stone_KILKF_stonewashed_24x8x5.png
Fossil Stone_KILKF_split_fossil.png
Fossil Stone_KILKF_tumbled_15x15.png
Fossil Stone_KILKF_tumbled_20x20.png

Our quarries

The material is extracted exclusively from the Carlow and Kilkenny quarries in Ireland.

Kilkenny OldLeighlin quarry 640x450.jpg

Old Leighlin, Co. Carlow

  • James Walshe Quarry & Production Centre
  • Located just outside the picturesque villages of Old Leighlin & Leighlinbridge, Co. Carlow
  • 12,5 hectare site.
  • Classic Blue and Fossil varieties
  • Annual gross extraction rate of 21.000 m³
  • Production hub for Irish and International markets
Kilkenny Kellymount quarry 640x450.jpg

Kellymount, Co. Kilkenny

  • Located in Paulstown, Co. Kilkenny
  • 29,5 hectare site
  • Classic Blue and Fossil varieties
  • Classic Blue and Fossil varieties
  • Annual gross extraction rate of 25.000 m³
  • Production hub for Irish Blue Limestone slabs and paving for Irish and European markets
Kilkenny blocks

The Story of Irish Blue Limestone

The story of Irish Blue Limestone begins long before the Ages of Man or the Age of the Dinosaurs, during what is called the ‘Age of the Crinoids’, some 340 million years ago.

Useful guide

All information on Fossil Stone and our entire range combined in a brochure.

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