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The rebuilding of the Hashotel included both a renovation and an extension. Part of it was demolished and replaced by a new building volume of neatly arranged prefabricated floors. An elegant, balanced dynamism with considered detail, designed by the Hasselt-based UAU Collectiv. And although the facade with glazed brick strips is exceptionally refined, it is the natural stone that steals the show. From the moment you enter the Hashotel, you cannot ignore the travertine who definitely steals the show.

The architectural company likes to work with natural stone: a durable, ecological material that comes straight from nature. From quarrying to installation, the process takes place with minimal CO2 emission. Natural stone also easily withstands the ravages of time, reinforcing the high-quality and sustainable feel of the project.

Was it clear from the start that you would be working with travertine? “No, we conducted a great many fascinating discussions with the builder using mood boards,” says Massimo Pignanelli.

“We always strive for a harmonious interplay between materials and colours, that match both the interior and the exterior.”

Massimo Pignanelli, Architect

In order to convince the builder of the power of travertine, we took them to the travertine quarries near Rome (IT), so that they could experience the material for themselves. In the end, it became a beautiful, warm and above all durable combination of cement, walnut and travertine.

Different finishes

Different finishes

The travertine used is a polished Travertino Romano Classico with a beige tint and a lined, heterogenous pattern. The surface has small openings. For the façade cladding, these openings were masticated with cement. The interior flooring got a transparent resin finish to add more character. The pores were left open for the travertine used for the wall cladding.

As an innovator, we offer personalised tiles in terms of material and size as well as a wide range of finishes for interior and exterior applications. The wall cladding in this project and other ornaments were cut from travertine slabs, also delivered by Brachot, landscape and surface materials.

Copyright: Valerie Clarysse

Project: Philips Natuursteen

Material: honed Travertino Romano Classico