Which tiles are suitable for indoors?

Inspirational guide to our range of indoor tiles

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A modern and sleek or a classic and rustic interior? There is a tile to suit every living style. It is an important choice that determines the look and feel of your home. On the one hand, the size of your tile and the room in which it is placed play an important role. On the other hand, you should not lose sight of the material itself, the colour tones and the finish.

In short, the tile you choose sets the tone for further decoration. So always keep a close eye on the space and light and be inspired by the various possibilities, materials and colours at Brachot.

Natural stone

Pietra Bicci


Seemingly imperfect, but with a soft look and a warm colour palette. Choosing limestone puts you very close to nature, as fossils of shells, animals, plants or corals are woven into the stone. This unique structure together with the white, beige and light grey tones brings a touch of warmth to any interior.

Blended materials

Terrazzo Nougat


Terrazzo is a high-quality and durable marble mosaic consisting of recycled marble grains and marble sand to which cement binder and colour pigment are added. It is a strong and impact-resistant material. This makes terrazzo a suitable material for indoor applications with an interesting price-quality ratio. The colour shades of the typically speckled patterns form a playful and creative accent in your interior. A trendy yet timeless material.

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Maintenance leaflet

Keep your material intact for generations

With natural stone and our blended materials, you opt for a material that stands the test of time. Keep your surfaces as good as new with the help of our maintenance brochures.