How can I maintain my Kilkenny Limestone or bluestone kitchen worktops?

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Kilkenny Limestone and Bluestone have been used in indoor and outdoor applications for centuries. Thanks to their very dense structure and hardness, these types of limestone are perfect for kitchen countertops. You can achieve the best long-term results by maintaining your worktop properly, which is not difficult or labour intensive. Regular maintenance also improves the look of your worktop and makes it less prone to stains.


Step 1

If your worktop did not receive an initial treatment by the installer or professional natural stone provider before installation, you can treat the countertop yourself with Lithofin MN Protector for Blue Limestone. This will make the worktop extra resistant to stains.

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Step 2

Use Lithofin MN Easy-Clean for daily maintenance. This 2-in-1 product cleans and nourishes, removes greasy surface dirt and makes your worktop look even more beautiful.

Cleaning your natural stone kitchen worktop regularly with this product creates a beautiful patina and makes your worktop easier to maintain.

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Step 3

Clean the kitchen worktop regularly with Lithofin MN Power-Clean and then use Lithofin MN Easy-Clean again for daily maintenance.


  • Don’t use too much water. A gentle rub with a damp cloth is sufficient.
  • Never scrub with abrasive materials to clean dirt that is hard to remove. Using some undiluted Lithofin MN Power-Clean on a kitchen sponge is a far more durable solution.
  • Acid stains (from lemon, vinegar or cola, for example) can be removed with the Propad hand pads.
  • Always follow the instructions on the packaging of the maintenance products.

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