Monument in Norwegian granite symbolises victims of attacks

NorwayLarvik Granite - NODecoration

Norway has been commemorating the attacks carried out by Anders Behring Breivik for 11 years now. The remembrance recently took shape in the form of a monument made of natural stone: 77 bronze columns link together, facing the island of Utøya beyond. Brachot and Family Member Larvik Granite supplied the durable granite for this memorial, made to stand for eternity.

Durable and aesthetic natural stone monument

In the summer of 2011, the AUF, Norway's biggest political youth organisation, unsuspectingly selected the island of Utøya for its annual summer camp. However, events took a shocking turn, and 69 innocent children lost their lives. A monument made of durable, timeless and authentic granite symbolises their fate, together with that of the victims of the attack in Oslo, which took place earlier on that summer’s day. One of the types of granite used is Labrador Blue Antique, from the quarries of Brachot Family Member Larvik Granite. With its blue and green pearlescent reflections, this natural stone is a stylish, but above all timeless choice.

Inspired collaboration

The Norwegian firm Manthey Kula Architects and the Belgian landscape architect Bas Smets were responsible for the design. The National Support Group after 22 July, an independent organisation for victims of the attacks, also put its heart and soul into this project. The members worked closely with the architects and shared their views on the design. The monument was built by Statsbygg on behalf of the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development. Wholehearted collaboration where sustainable and indigenous decisions were paramount.

Unique and stylish finish

The monument was made from natural stone, more specifically from Labrador Blue Antique granite. Larvik Granite, a Brachot Family Member, supplied the natural stone blocks from its Norwegian quarry. These were incorporated into the monument by the contractor. A sandblasted and a bush hammered finish was decided upon.

Bush hammering creates small indentations in the stone surface. Those dots form white nuances on a dark background. No stone has the same pattern, so they are all individual, as are the victims of the attacks. The two finishes make the stone rougher and give it more grip, even on wet surfaces. But a monument is not only about its function. It also has to look good. Labrador Blue Antique answers this aesthetic need with its luxurious and stylish look.

Brachot & Family Members: international quality

As a natural stone wholesaler, Brachot has acquired international fame over the years with its far-reaching expertise and sense of innovation. Via its extensive network, the company has supplemented the range of natural stone from its own quarries with high-quality blocks, slabs and tiles from quarries and suppliers all over the world. Together with its Family Members, Brachot not only disseminates its expertise, but also the values ​​of sustainability, innovation and honesty. With a strong vertical integration strategy, Brachot controls every stage of the production chain through its own quarries, production sites and distribution centres worldwide.


Photography: Lise Reng

Architects: Mantley Kula

Building company: Statsbygg, Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development

Contractor: Naturstenskompaniet and Larvik Granite

Installation: Nannestad Grøntmil