Natural stone & ceramic trends for 2024


Natural stone remains an intriguing and versatile material that stands the test of time and evolves in line with changing architecture and interior design trends. Trends vary, ensuring that there is something to suit all tastes. The natural world continues to be an inexhaustible source of inspiration. 2024 will see the emergence of new trends that reinvigorate and enrich natural stone applications. Read our article below and get inspiration from these latest developments!

Calming tones for a visual sense of space

Muschelkalk Mooser

Calming tones for a visual sense of space

When it comes to natural stone, there is a distinct preference for fair-tinted, grey and beige tones in 2024. These calming colours create a sense of space and serenity, making them a perfect match for the minimalist aesthetics that are popular in contemporary design. This trend seamlessly aligns with the so-called Japandi style, a harmonious fusion of Scandinavian minimalism and Japanese zen.

Trending materials: Atlantica limestone, Tesoro Veneziano & Muschelkalk Mooser

Rugged look, warm tones: a bold mix of texture & colours

Arabescato Orobico

Rugged look, warm tones: a bold mix of texture & colours

Materials with a rugged appearance and warm tones are also enjoying a resurgence. This contrasting combination adds depth and character to any interior, while still retaining a sense of homeliness and warmth. Create a bold interior with a powerful impact using natural stone. Natural stone presents the perfect opportunity to make a statement. A whimsical interplay of dark and light, with occasional gold accents. Or hints of green that emphasise nature as a source of inspiration. A polished gloss finish can add an extra dimension in this regard. And the combination of gloss and matt finishes ensures a captivating dynamic.

Trending materials: Polaris Pearl quartzite, Lasa Waves marble, Lasa Dune marble, Opera Fantastico marble, Tropical Storm Granite

Revival of earthy accents & natural travertine

Travertino Rosso Persiano

Revival of earthy accents & natural travertine

Another prominent 2024 trend is the renewed appreciation for natural materials and earthy tones. Travertine plays a central role, with its unique texture and warm colour palette reminiscent of the natural beauty of earth and stone. These materials lend a sense of organic elegance to every interior design.

Trending materials: Walnut Travertino, Romano Classico Travertino, Perlato Europa Limestone, Mandana Red Sandstone

Uniceramica Travertino Light

A notable 2024 trend is the advent of ceramics featuring a variety of finishes & textures. We too continue to expand the earthy ceramic designs in our Uniceramica© collection.

Trending materials: UC Travertino Light, UC Caliza Beige, UC Jura Beige, UC Travertino Classico

Flexible spaces & seamless indoor and outdoor transitions

A new development in 2024 is the integration of natural stone within the flexible division of spaces, creating a harmonious indoor-outdoor living area. Extending indoor flooring to outdoor spaces and transforming kitchens and bathrooms into multifunctional living environments creates a seamless connection between the different areas of the house. There is also a trend to invest an increasing amount of money in the landscaping of outdoor spaces and incorporate these areas into the wider living environment.

Bathroom & Wellness - Ceppo Beige

Lounge corner & terrace - Sinai Pearl

Dining room & swimming pool - Pietra Bicci

Paver and cobblestone; a return to traditional craftsmanship

Pavers Terrace - Kilkenny Limestone

Paver and cobblestone; a return to traditional craftsmanship

The charm of pavers and cobblestones is making a comeback, with these timeless materials being reinvented in various designs and finishes. From classic to contemporary, pavers and cobblestones adds a touch of nostalgia and traditional craftsmanship to modern outdoor spaces and streetscapes.

Natural stone accessories and furniture

This trend combines the robustness of natural stone with soft, natural contours, introducing a sense of connection with nature into our living spaces. Each block of natural stone tells its own story, with natural textures, colour variations and unique patterns imbuing a timeless and authentic allure. Natural stone furniture is characterised by its timeless elegance and ability to integrate seamlessly with various interior design styles. The natural beauty of natural stone is highlighted in innovative and inspiring designs.

Planter - Tesoro Veneziano

Nightstand - Pietra Bicci

Champagne cooler - Onyx White

Sustainability: focus on responsibility

Sustainability: focus on responsibility

In an era of sustainability, there is growing emphasis on the use of natural stone and other materials derived from sustainable sources. This trend focuses on minimising the ecological impact of construction and design projects and promoting a circular economy. Brachot is committed to sustainable initiatives from extraction to the finished product.