Pool copings

How to choose the best material for pool copings?

Pool copings (outdoor)Pool copings (indoor)

To completely integrate a swimming pool into the garden, you can use pool copings to guarantee a perfect transition. Choose from our wide range of copings based on popular choices of materials and the accompanying outdoor finishes.

In addition to our range of standard pool copings, we can also produce custom-made pool copings from any of the materials we offer.

Pool copings in natural stone

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Pool Copings-2.png
Pool Copings-3.png
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Pool copings in ceramics (Uniceramica)

Pool Coping type 1

Type 1

The great demand for high-quality outdoor ceramic tiles means that the range of accessories, such as pool copings, is also increasing. Type 1 is the traditional coping with straight edge.

Pool Coping type 3

Type 3

Type 3 has an overhanging edge, giving it a sleeker look. Both types are available in the popular materials from the Uniceramica range.

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