How to choose the right paving materials for public spaces?

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Brachot is an innovator with an incredibly broad range of natural stone: sandstone, granite, limestone, basalt, porphyry – and much more.

We fill our portfolio partly through our own quarries and partly with materials imported via a strong network of reliable suppliers in Europe and elsewhere. Brachot has the right expertise to source suitable materials for any surfacing project and then apply its own finishing processes. We also have technology for hewing blocks and slabs into special shapes.

Brachot always pays particular attention to durability and high quality, and is constantly adjusting its portfolio to market requirements and demand.

For a selection of surfacing materials or to access our entire portfolio, our Family Members Kilkenny Limestone, Larvik Granite and Granitarn will be happy to help.

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Thorough quality approach

Kilkenny Limestone, a Brachot Family Member, has its own quarries specialising in extracting and processing the world-renowned Irish Blue Limestone (also called Kilkenny Limestone). The company combines state-of-the-art technology in its quarries with a consistent approach to quality, ensuring its products meet the highest of standards. The Irish natural stone has valuable, authentic and durable properties. The simple blue-grey natural stone with its characteristic fossils can be processed with numerous options, shapes and finishes to suit all kinds of styles.

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Highly certified

All Kilkenny Limestone surface materials are produced from ATG-certified materials. This is a Belgian quality certificate confirming that not only have the materials and different layers in the quarries been assessed by external auditors, also the production processes have passed stringent external tests. Our Family Member has ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification, representing its extremely high quality and environmental standards.

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Wide range of options

Kilkenny Limestone has ultra-modern production sites and can work on a highly project-specific basis. Using its own quarries immediately widens the range of options for finished products: think cobblestones, kerbstones, street furniture, outdoor flagstones, tactile paving, edging for platforms and pavements, traffic management features, profiled drainage channels, doorsteps, and more – custom finished for every project. Kerbstones are produced in variable lengths between 80 and 160 centimetres, to make the best possible use of the natural reserves.

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Download our Paving Guide

For a versatile and comprehensive range of paving materials, you can rely on Brachot and its Family Members: Kilkenny Limestone, Granitarn, Larvik Granite, and Cameleon. Download our Paving Guide, get inspired by our timeless projects, and discover the right materials and finishes for your paving project.

Get inspired

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No Child Left Behind

The 'No Child Left Behind' project is a partnership launched by Brachot with international partners and international and local NGOs in India. The project works actively to take children in Rajasthan (India) out of child labour in the natural stone industry and give them a good education.

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Paving projects in Belgium

In Belgium, you can visit Brachot Bruges for all your paving projects. In the recently renovated outdoor show park, you can discover an extensive selection of sustainable paving materials. In that brand-new show park, we present the various materials and finishes we have from our own quarries, and much more. That way, we wish to showcase our expertise and knowledge, and we are building further on our ambition to be the knowledge centre of choice for sustainable paving and public works. Private individuals are also welcome in Bruges. Visits always by appointment. 

Useful guides

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