Trend Pick Antropos 2 - Francq Colors

Robotization will lead to a remarkable evolution in our society: contact with people will become a luxury. Wealthy people will be able to afford to have human contact, while the middle class and the poor will have to make do with technological tools. This evolution is already visible in our current society. The rich have access to personal trainers and personal bankers, that are unaffordable for most other people. In the meantime, the middle class has to be content with a fitness app and a banking app.

This contradiction will become even more pronounced in the near future. All that is ‘human’ will become aspirational, and even luxurious. Hiring people will become a status symbol. As we become ever more surrounded by robots, we will increasingly long for those typically human things: imperfections, unexpected humor, surprises and all the ideas and products that can only spring from human fantasy. The message for companies is to re-humanize their business: ensuring that there is contact with people at the right touch points, but that those people can also be 100% human.

Design will increasingly place the human being center-stage, and try to differentiate itself from robotized design. It’s no wonder that designers will seek out value systems in which the human being is important. One important inspiration for the years to come will undoubtedly be anthroposophy, the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. Steiner not only developed an educational system, but also a system of health education and physical education. He had ideas about a pleasant living environment as well, leading to a very special aesthetic language, full of wood, pastels and polygonal shapes. Man and nature took central stage in all his ideas, and this will inspire designers in the next few years.

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