Trend Pick Revive 2 - Francq Colors

Hilde Francq, trend watcher and colour expert, looks ahead in her Colour Trend Report 2021/2022 to the trends in colour, material and interior. Revive 2' is the first colour palette that Brachot likes to translate to your interior. Design anno 2021 revolves around the themes that are currently occupying us. The corona crisis strengthens the focus on what really matters: health and well-being. No wonder that these are key words in architecture and interior design in 2021. The colour palette for the trend trend "Revive 2" is rather muted. Many colours have a greyish undertone, which makes them easy to combine. Natural greens contrast with a nut brown and a pinkish camel tone. In addition, subtle blue tones give this palette a spacious, fresh feeling.

Blue is the trend colour for 2021. Not surprisingly: blue creates the illusion of more space and also has a calming effect. Moreover, it brings out natural tones and materials. These last two characteristics blue has in common with the other trend colour, green. Not the bright shades, but natural green with a grey or brown undertone.

The total comeback of brown, beige, nude and the neo-neutrals. The last ones are a lot more subtle than the standard pastels, and can be described as dustier and greyer, often with a warm undertone of orange or yellow. The revival of wood was already in progress, but now it is in the spotlight even more. Natural textures such as sand, organic shapes or lined patterns also fit in perfectly.

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Following materials were highlighted during this trend pick: