Trend Pick Satisfaction

Francq Colors

The less we are allowed to have physical contact in public, the more we seek out our stimuli in the privacy of our own home and environment. Especially for Gen Z, certain substances, surfaces and experiences have to be 'satisfying', an experience enabling them to feel good. Ensuring mental peace. 

It is clear that in Satisfaction Hilde Francq is looking for that ultimate Peace of Mind, a kind of soothing glow that we get thanks to tactile, comforting or even sensual touches. In this way we also reconnect with materials and textures, an important counter-movement against virtual experiences

Satisfaction also signifies a major shift in the social media channels that support our trends. Until recently that was Instagram, now we see the Satisfaction trend mainly on TikTok and YouTube, the beloved channels of Gen Z. The honey hype on YouTube and TikTok was really huge. The idea was actually to put a tube of honey in the freezer for a few hours so that the honey gets a kind of slime-like consistency that feels very satisfying. In some video's the hype is heightened by satisfying eating sounds, giving it a sensual edge. In the food world we see also that desire for gratification, with a revival of junk food. 

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