Trend Pick The Alcove- Francq Colors

We are in the midst of a new wave of ‘cocooning’: our house is almost literally a warm nest. Soft and tactile materials have a positive effect on our well-being. Touching plays an important role here. Don’t limit your interior to just one texture and don’t be afraid to combine a soft wall with tactile furniture. Ribbed structures are appealing to touch and help to consciously create interesting experiences in your interior.

Dark colors on the wall have something very dramatic, but they can just as well be comforting. Like a cave that protects us from the outside world. For the ultimate cave feeling, you have to go ton-sur-ton: both the walls and furniture in the same color. When shades of dark red lean closely to natural colors, such as dark greens and deep terracotta red, they create a remarkably elegant atmosphere. Combine a dark decor with metallic accents.Contemporary interiors are far from polished or sterile: provide some room for imperfections. Preferably, ceramics still show some evidence it was made by someone. Walls and textiles also reveal human traits through their little imperfections. The apparent nonchalance with which the floors, walls and objects were finished bring a very recognizable and sympathetic atmosphere into this interior.

Rounded shapes, graphical motives and textures make clear that the Art Deco style is back all the way. The graphical character of the Art Deco style can perfectly be translated into design. In a dark interior, it’s important to play with the light you have and the shadows you can create. That is what creates life in a rather sober setting. Textured walls become really interesting when they catch the sunlight, allowing them to play with the little light that enters these dark rooms.

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Following materials were highlighted during this trend pick: