Uniceramica® tiles: outdoor ceramics


Brachot’s Uniceramica offers ceramic designs for  exterior applications. With the natural looks of marble, travertine, granite, limestone or basalt, this contemporary range fully responds to today’s interior design trends. You also get the competitive price-to-quality ratio on top of everything else.

Uniceramica Tiles
Uniceramica Tiles
Uniceramica Tiles

Variety of applications

Outdoor tiling
Outdoor tiling
Pool copings outdoor
Pool copings outdoor

Choose the design that suits you

Uniceramica offers a wide range of choices. The designs range from elegant limestone to exclusive marble and from popular travertine and solid granite to sleek basalt.

Renewed and expanded range of tiles

Ceramic outdoor tiles are a popular product. Therefore Brachot expands its range even further by adding new designs and matching finishings. This allows you to have even more opportunities to shape your outdoor environment in the style you prefer: from sleek minimalism to rural charm. The designs are divided into five collections: Naturals, Tea-time, Cemento, Bluestone and Legno.

Naturals collection

Inspired by nature. Top of the line tiles in various natural stone designs, ranging from travertine to basalt and from granite to quartzite look. These tiles will retain their deep colour year after year, even through the most extreme weather.

Quarzo Grigio Chiaro
Travertine beige
Pietra beige antico
Travertine silver

Pool copings

The high-quality designs are available in two types of pool copings. This for a harmonious ensemble around your pool and fully in line with the design of your garden.

Type 1 is the traditional coping with straight edge. Type 3 has an overhanging edge, giving it a sleeker look. Both types are available in the popular materials from the Uniceramica range.

Pool Coping type 1
Pool Coping type 3

Unique characteristics of Uniceramica tiles

Icon frost resistant
Icon slip resistant
Icon paving support
Maintenance of a stone

Maintenance-friendly and suitable for intensive use

All ceramics from the Uniceramica collection are scratch resistant. Moreover, ceramics are resistant to most chemicals and stains. Intensive use of your flooring leaves no traces. Uniceramica also has high heat resistance.

Additionally, Uniceramica is very easy to maintain. With the proper cleaning products, ceramics can remain intact for generations. We are happy to give you advice and tips for optimal results, from initial cleaning to daily maintenance.

Useful guides


Uniceramica maintenance leaflet

Keep your ceramics intact for generations. All our tips on cleaning Uniceramica bundled in a handy leaflet.

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Uniceramica tiles leaflet

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