Academy overview page

Academy overview page

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New & trending in 2023

Also in 2023 we made some changes in our product offering, to stay on top of the latest trends! What's new? And which trends are definitely not to be missed? Our top six new arrivals highlighted!


Unistone® brochure

All information on Unistone and our entire range combined in a brochure. Download it here.

UniceramicaDownloadBlended materials

Uniceramica® slabs brochure

Review all information on our Uniceramica slab range in the comfort of your home with our downloadable leaflet.

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Uniceramica® slabs: top design with natural looks

Our Uniceramica slabs give you top-quality, contemporary ceramics at an attractive price. Discover all designs and applications!

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TileSlabNatural stone

Trend Pick Iron Age

While the other three themes – Wonderland, Skilling, and Satisfaction – all have a more positive approach, Iron Age is darker. Iron Age is bathed in the belief that we would benefit of looking the bad in this world straight in the eye.


1,650 m² tile showroom and tile show park at Brachot Harelbeke

Brachot Harelbeke – formerly Beltrami – is a specialist in tiles and matching finishes in natural stone and blended materials. With a strong focus on product innovation, we are known as a market trendsetter. In early 2023 we completely renovated both the showroom and the outdoor park. During the project, we paid attention to using materials from our own quarries.

trend pick - satisfaction - 10.png
TileSlabNatural stone

Trend Pick Satisfaction

In her previous reports Hilde Francq has paid special attention to the tactility of objects in fashion, design, beauty and food. That tactility has now developed into a lifestyle in itself.

BelgiumTileOutdoor tiling

Brachot Brugge : the knowledge centre for sustainable paving and public works

At the completely renovated outdoor park of Brachot Brugge – formerly Beltrami – you will find all the different materials and finishes from mainly our own quarries. Brachot is a world leader in natural stone and blended materials and relies largely on its own 20 natural stone quarries for the high-quality paving materials it delivers.

Stonecare dolomite marble
Dolomite marbleNatural stoneMaintenance

How can I maintain my dolomite marble kitchen worktop?

Dolomite marble is a popular material for kitchen worktops and interior finishes. The two main reasons for this are its durability and aesthetic qualities. The best long-term results are achieved by maintaining the dolomite marble properly, which is not difficult. Dolomite marble is also a living material that will look even more beautiful as it is regularly maintained over time.

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Fossil Stone - Kilkenny Limestone

The Fossil category within the Kilkenny Limestone range is unique thanks to the presence and size of its oyster and coral fossils. The material is extracted exclusively from the Carlow and Kilkenny quarries in Ireland.