Maintenance Worker / Handyman

Harelbeke, Belgium



As a maintenance worker-handyman at Brachot, you are the jack-of-all-trades. You will be assigned to all departments for daily chores, both in the factory, on the premises, and in the offices. From simple tasks to more complex interventions, you are versatile and jump in wherever needed. In short: an enjoyable varied job with plenty of social interaction.

Here are some tasks from your varied job description:

  • Repairing electrical faults, performing minor plumbing works, and carrying out minor works on the company buildings.

  • Maintenance and repairs of the machinery:

    • Lubricating and cleaning according to maintenance plan.

    • Replacing bearings, motors, etc.

    • Painting work on machines (rust treatment).

    • Keeping track of all tasks performed and entering them into maintenance records.

  • General minor repairs and maintenance works on forklifts, tractors, trailers, etc.

  • Carrying out minor maintenance works in the garden and keeping the site tidy.

  • Conducting checks on buildings for unreported defects.

  • Monitoring the operation of the water purification system.

  • Carrying out repairs on other parts of the property.

  • Dropping off and picking up vehicles.

  • Disposing of and collecting materials for the technical department.

  • Monitoring the technical warehouse, ensuring timely ordering of parts (stock management).

  • Keeping walkways and facades clean (dust-free, free from moss, etc.).

  • ...

These tasks demonstrate the diverse range of responsibilities involved in your role as a maintenance worker-handyman.

Desired profile

As a handyman, it's important that you:

  • Have general knowledge of residential electricity and plumbing.

  • Possess mechanical insight and possibly a basic knowledge of welding.

  • Be able to read and understand electrical diagrams and technical drawings.

  • Speak Dutch fluently and clearly, and possibly have a grasp of French and English to communicate effectively with all colleagues.

  • Be in good physical condition and have no fear of heights.

  • Be able to work independently following prescribed guidelines and instructions.

  • Take initiative to address problems/deficiencies.

  • Hold a driver's license (Category B); certifications for overhead crane, aerial work platform/scissor lift, and forklift are advantageous.

  • Be capable of documenting repairs performed in writing or electronically according to employer instructions.


  • Lots of social interaction and variety.

  • Full-time contract of indefinite duration.

  • Excellent compensation.

  • Employment in a strong and stable organization.

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