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Sustainable investments in our locations worldwide

2021 has begun, and for Brachot, this year is dedicated to innovation and expansion. On the one hand, to make the most of our high-quality natural stone and blended materials. On the other hand, to continue to contribute to sustainable and optimal exploitation, production and distribution. A look at the innovations and investments in Poland, Italy, France and South Africa.


Optimization in Poland
Innovation, investment and optimization are deeply interwoven in the DNA of Brachot and its Family Members. It is what we do to make our natural stone and blended materials show off their added value every day. One of these investments is taking place in our distribution centre in Gdansk, Poland. At this strategic location, a new warehouse with showroom and offices will be built on a site of 7 hectares. The emphasis here is on sustainability. For example, solar panels will be installed on the depot, sufficient to fully provide for the electricity consumption. We also collect water for reuse. 

To optimize the distribution process, we are installing a 35-tonne gantry crane and two sixteen-tonne overhead cranes. This is to actively manage our offering and to ensure the distribution of our materials worldwide in a smooth and flexible way. Work on the outdoor storage facility is currently in full swing. The outdoor atrium will be installed at the end of February; we expect the first stock on site in March, and the distribution centre will be operational at the beginning of April. The warehouse, showroom and offices will be opened at the end of 2021. 

All-in in Italy and France 

Last year, we proudly announced the expansion of our network with the opening of a site in Italy, the cradle of the natural stone sector. These plans translate into new, modern buildings that will be ready in the Verona region by the summer of 2021. In the new construction, attention is paid to sustainability with solar panels to generate energy completely independently and with an underground water collection system. The new building strengthens both our materials and our position as an international player. During Marmomac 2021, we welcome you to the festive opening of the new showroom, warehouse and block plaza. The eye-catcher will undoubtedly be the Stone Gallery of more than 3,000 square metres: a modern, clean setting in which our broad range of slabs of natural stone and blended materials are shown to their best advantage. We leave enough space between the slabs so that they can be admired in their full glory, and we exhibit different applications and finishes of the materials. In addition, the new building will also have an impressive glass facade of 890 square metres to highlight our materials from the street side. 

We are also investing in our locations in France. In Paris, the company buildings are being renovated and expanded with a showroom. The opening is scheduled for March 2021. At newcomer and Family Member Granitarn, we are investing in the entire process. From quarry to customer. Brachot Sud is being housed on the site in Burlats, and we are renovating the machinery to optimize the production process and distribution of Tarn granite and other French natural stone. On the site, we are installing solar panels to generate enough electricity for our entire electricity consumption and to produce as climate-neutrally as possible. In addition to a water collection system, the water from production is also purified and reused. Multiple pools are being built, good for 6,000 cubic metres, so that water no longer has to be purchased externally.  

Two new Multiwires, six Monowires on rail, two overhead cranes, polishing and flame finishing machines, a water purification installation, bridge saws, a tile and cube production line, a sandblasting machine, etc. will be installed in the brand new 5,000 square metre factory hall. Granitarn can thus fully focus on the production of Tarn and other French natural stone for tiles and cubes, furniture and finishes for the paving sector on the one hand and blocks, plates and tiles for indoor and outdoor applications on the other. There will also be a 1,500 square metre sheet hall, new offices and a 5,000 square metre outdoor storage facility. In the autumn of 2021, the entire location should be operational. 

Extra production in South Africa
Our last stop takes us to South Africa, to Family Member Cameleon. We are expanding our storage and production space there. That immediately offers additional production possibilities. Currently, blocks are sawn into slabs there, and they have several finishing lines for indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, there will now be a production line for sawing slabs into sized tiles. This is done in the proprietary material Nari Black and in other (African) natural stone.

In addition, Brachot is continuing to invest in digitization. Examples include new websites that inspire, inform and advise about our full range of natural stone and blended materials in blocks, slabs, tiles and finishing projects. But also a B2B online purchasing platform for the materials of the entire group, worldwide. You can find that with Family Member 

In 2021, a total of 20,000,000 euros will be invested by Brachot and its Family Members in the optimization, development, automation and digitization of the various locations. This adds extra strength to our vision of the future, in which we always strive for valuable, sustainable materials that create added value. We are committed to the best quality: in natural stone and blended materials, in landscape and cladding materials and in our services. From mining and production to distribution and after-sales services.