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Trend colours in natural stone and composite materials

Trend colours

In 2021, colour will play an important role in many interiors. Not one specific colour but a dialogue of trend colours. Nature and creating peace play the main role in this. Brachot Surfaces has a suitable solution for each of these trends. Discover them with us.


Blue is the trend colour for 2021. No surprise there: blue creates the illusion of more space and has a soothing effect. In addition, it makes natural shades and materials look good. Blue shares these last two characteristics with the other trend colour, green. Not the bright shades, but natural green with a grey or brown undertone.

Blue and green can also be found in our range of natural stone and composite materials. Thunder Blue from Unistone is a quartz composite that is ideal for indoor applications.

In natural stone, we notice the rise of quartzites. This extremely strong natural stone is acid, scratch and heat resistant. Due to their low maintenance requirements, they are suitable, among other things, as a sustainable kitchen worktop. With Azul Macaubas, for example, you bring the blue sea waves to an interior; with Emerald Green you integrate the tranquillity of green nature.

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Traditional marbles are always a good choice. Their white-grey background and dark vein guarantee authentic charm, simplicity and class. Examples of lasting classics in this natural stone are the Greek Volakas and the Italian Bianco Statuario Classico. In addition, you can also create the timeless carrara look with the eight Uniceramica designs, ceramic sheets that are also available in open book format.



Granite is making a comeback. Rightly so, because it is a hard, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant material with enormous possibilities for indoor and outdoor use. A more-than-worthy alternative to terrazzo. In addition, granite offers a rich colour palette that fully reflects the colour trends.

With Labrador Brown and Labrador Blue Pearl from our own Norwegian quarries of Larvik Granite, you bring those brown and blue shades into your house. If you would like to highlight the contrast a bit more, choose the French granite Tarn from Family Member Granitarn or the black granite with pale vein, Cosmic Black. Both fit into the off-black trend. Would you prefer relaxed tones? Then go for Rio Branco or Branco Piracema, two grey-and-white granites radiating timeless tranquillity. Just like Rose de la Clarté from the French quarries of Family Member SAG.



When you say peace and simplicity, you have to think about travertine. After its success in 2020, this natural stone with a soft and versatile character will continue to be a popular material in 2021. And rightly so. The natural and nude shades fit seamlessly within current interior trends, such as this kitchen top in Travertino Oceano.

If you prefer the more traditional travertine look, Travertino Romano Classico and Travertino Romano Striato are guaranteed to suit you. Looking for something a bit different? Discover Travertino Nuvole, with a slightly darker colour and cloud pattern.