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Trend Pick The Chamber - Francq colors

Samples of natural stone in color palette The Chamber

After the pandemic, we will increasingly look back to wisdom from the past. The ways of the recent past will be discarded and replaced by a more intuitive approach. And this trend will continue in our use of materials. With the return of sustainable, natural materials.

Exuberant decoration and eclectic styles

Whenever a major world event takes place, there is a revival of all things nostalgic. This was so in the past and will be so in the future. Intuitive and indigenous forms of wisdom are being uncovered everywhere, and we are increasingly drawing inspiration from our ancestors to solve today's problems. 

This trend will be strongest when it responds to the concerns of the 21st century. There will be a revolution based on natural materials. In interior design, this results in a fascination with pre-modernist furniture and styles, which are often heavily decorated. The interiors around them are on the other hand enormously layered and rich, and full of eclectic references. The more character a natural stone shows off in the shape of color and veins, the more we love it.

Materials in this picture: Breccia Portoro | Labrador Blue Pearl | Gaudi Brown | Travertino Ocean Black | Verde Levanto | Forest Green | Frappucino | Rouge Belge | Travertino Titanium


Natural colours

Materials will show their true nature. A warm and inviting interior is one that has been composed with natural materials such as natural stone, lime paint, rattan and ceramics. Naturally, natural materials prefer colours that are actually found in nature, such as grey and brown. 

Materials in this picture: Muschelkalk Mooser - Opus Incertum | Pietra di San Lorenzo | Unistone Alaska White

Playing with materials and textures keeps it exciting. In the interior, it is always smart to choose neutral colours for major investments such as floors and walls, and then to opt for colour in the accents and textile accessories. 

Materials in this picture: Pietra di San Lorenzo | Travertino Titanium

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