What are the best terrace tiles: the Brachot outdoor guide

Inspirational guide with our range of natural stone and ceramic tiles for outdoors

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More than ever, the garden and outdoor environment have become an oasis of tranquillity. From terrace tiles to garden paths to swimming pool copings, a uniform design in which everything is in harmony, That is why Brachot has expanded its range of outdoor materials.

We are happy to give you a clear overview. So you will soon be able to choose the best terrace tile.

Natural stone



Basalt is a volcanic rock created by the solidification of lava. This gives the rock its predominantly grey colour and, like granite, it is a very hard material. The colour and structure of basalt blend perfectly with modern, minimalist living styles.

Due to its great durability, basalt has been used for paving for centuries. It is also suitable for driveways, terraces and facade cladding.

Exterior finishes

Exterior finishes

At Brachot, you can count on appropriate finishes to create an outdoor environment in harmony with the chosen terrace tiles. The range of outdoor finishes has therefore been significantly extended to offer you the perfect match. Just think of kerbstones, (block) steps, palisades and standard pieces such as for the edging of a terrace. Available in various materials, finishes and formats.

Opus incertum

Opus incertum

Back from never being away: Opus Incertum or popularly known as 'placement in shards / cassons'. This placement method has been used for many centuries. With the rise of the vintage look, the Opus Incertum technique is once again gaining popularity for finishing indoor floors, terraces and garden paths. The playful placement of the irregular shards creates a special, artistic effect. This is available in different types of natural stone: basalt, slate, quartzite, limestone, etc.

Ceramics (Uniceramica®)

Ceramic outdoor tiles are enjoying unprecedented popularity. And that is understandable. The many design options combined with easy maintenance make an ideal combination. Moreover, they have excellent non-slip properties. Uniceramica ceramic tiles are divided into 5 collections:

Naturals collection

Stylish collection inspired by nature. With absolute toppers in various natural stone looks. From travertine to basalt, from granite to quartzite look. The tiles retain their deep colour year after year.

Uniceramica® pool copings

The high demand for high-quality ceramic outdoor tiles also extends to the variety of finishes, such as pool borders.

In Type 1, you will find the traditional pool border with a straight edge, while Type 3, with its overhanging border, provides a sleeker look. Both types are available in the popular materials from the Uniceramica® range.

Ceramic outdoor tiles: unique characteristics

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