Unistone®: Aesthetic and strong quartz composite


Unistone quartz composite effortlessly combines aesthetics with durability. Not only does this material look beautiful, it is also extremely hard. More than 90% of it consists of natural quartz: the high-quality result of the tried and tested Breton technology, in which natural quartz grains are mixed with polymers. The result is an unseen combination of strong technical properties.

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Breton tech + NSF

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Variety of applications

Unistone stands for high stain and scratch resistance as well as low water absorption – ideal for use in your home in kitchens and bathrooms, among others.

Indoor flooring
Indoor flooring
Wall cladding
Wall cladding
Window sills (indoor)
Window sills (indoor)

Choose the design that best suits you

Whatever your plans are, there’s always a Unistone design that fits in perfectly with them. Unistone is available in numerous colours, from snow white to pitch black – and everything in between. The extensive palette focuses on natural nuances with visible or camouflaged structures. You can choose between numerous patterns, from a marble look to the look of granite, limestone, concrete, and much more.

Two sizes, three thicknesses

Unistone slabs are generally available in two sizes: the standard size of 300 x 140 cm, and a jumbo size of 330 x 165 cm. The advantage of the jumbo format is that a complete, final product, such as a kitchen worktop, can be produced immediately, with little or no seams.

In addition, various Unistone slabs are offered in three thicknesses, from 1.2 cm to 2 cm and 3 cm. In this way, this material lends itself to numerous specific indoor uses in different types of settings.

Discover some of our designs

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Unistone Calacatta Vagli Oro
Unistone Eramosa Moca
Unistone Grey Savoye
Unistone Nero Marquina
Unistone Diamant
Unistone Thunder Blue
Unistone Taj Mahal
Unistone Uliano
Unistone Carrara Venatino
Unistone Terreno
Unistone Crema Marfil
Unistone Statuario

A selection of our finishes

The finishes shown here are standard finishes, but many other options are also possible. We are also constantly developing new finishes and optimising existing ones at Brachot, which means we always find the finish that best suits the material, your tastes, and the style of your home.

Unistone polished


Without a doubt, the glossiest and smoothest finish, highlighting the colours, patterns, and white spots. Dark shades create a mirror effect.

Unistone honed


The surface is scoured until a warm, matt shine is obtained. The grain size during scouring determines the final result.

Unistone velluto


Innovative finishing method developed within Brachot. A velvet, matt finish with warm colours that’s very maintenance-friendly.

Opting for durable quality

Look at Unistone’s hardness and low water absorption, and you immediately know you’re dealing with a particularly maintenance-friendly material. Unistone is highly resistant to scratches, stains, many chemicals, and much more. These durable and high-quality slabs have everything they need to last for many generations. We are happy to advise you on their specific maintenance, from initial cleaning to regular cleaning. For example, the polished Unistone surfaces usually do not require any additional protection, while the Velluto surfaces require specific impregnating agents.

Useful guides

Preview of the downloadable Unistone brochure

Unistone brochure

All information on Unistone and our entire range combined in a brochure.


Unistone maintenance leaflet

Keep your quartz composite surfaces intact for generations. All our tips on cleaning Unistone can be found in our Unistone maintenance leaflet.