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Granite shows natural stone in its purest form. The many ages of warping under high pressure have given this natural stone a striking look and unique technical features. 

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Granite is a versatile stone. Thanks to its many technical features, there are plenty of options for the finish. This natural stone can be finished as follows:

  • Polished: a shining, reflective surface. The white spots, veins, nature and structure of fossils are striking. Just like the colours.
  • Honed: a slight reflection on the smooth, matte surface. No visible scratch marks.
  • Letano: a softly brushed, rolling surface accentuates the natural colour of the stone.
  • Anciento: a rough finish that still feels soft. The natural stone enjoys a nice satin-like glow and is non-slip.
  • Flamed: enjoy a rough texture with sparkling granules.
  • Sandblasted: after a light honing, the natural stone is sandblasted. The result: a rough, fine-grain look. 
  • AquaPower: the power of water brings the intense natural colour of the stone to life.
  • Alligato: a surprising finish with small scales, like the hide of an alligator.
  • Callibrato: a perfect calibration up to a thickness of just 10 millimetres. The answer to the demand of light slabs and tiles.


Because granite is hard and water-resistant, it can be used practically anywhere: indoors or outdoors. This pure natural stone can stand scratches and is perfect for countertops. Granite is very easy to maintain.


Ages of geological activities have given granite a wide range of minerals with colours ranging from grey to pink.