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With more than a century of experience under our belts, we are true granite experts. Our specialists select the granite from both our own quarries (in France, Norway, Portugal, and South Africa) and other quarries worldwide. In addition, our geological team subjects all materials to strict quality control. We link this quality guarantee to a very thorough knowledge of all the technical properties, uses, and finishing possibilities of this material.

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The finishes shown here are a selection of the 12 surface finishes Brachot Surfaces offers as standard. We are also constantly developing new finishes and optimising existing ones at Brachot Surfaces, which means we always find the finish that best suits the material, your tastes, and the style of your home:

Anzano This semi-coarse finish is slightly coarser than a matt or polished finish, but still feels very satisfying and soft. The non-slip result still has a beautiful satin shine to it.

Polished Without a doubt, the glossiest and smoothest finish, highlighting the colours, patterns, and white spots. Dark shades create a mirror effect.

Letano This original, matt, and slightly brushed finish enhances the natural colour of granite. The result is a ‘leather feel’.

Honed The surface is sanded until a warm, matt shine is obtained. The grain size during sanding determines the final result.


Granite is the hardest of all types of natural stone. As a result, this natural material is highly scratch, heat, acid, and stain-resistant. So it can withstand decades of intensive use, in the kitchen as a floor or kitchen worktop, for example. In addition, granite can also be perfectly used indoors and outdoors as wall, façade, and patio cladding.

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Granite creates a special visual effect through the unique interplay of lines, shading, and structures. Sometimes speckled, sometimes uniform, but always so different, so unique. This unpredictability is characteristic of a product that was modelled by nature. It is also a versatile material for various uses that add an aesthetic value to your interior and exterior. That this ancient material is also offered in various sizes, standard thicknesses of 2, 3, or 4 cm (and up to 20 cm upon request) and over 12 possible surface finishes ensure a completely personal touch.