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Produced with the well-known Breton technology, our Unistone quartz composite offers you the highest quality of composite slabs. Unistone consists of more than 90 percent natural quartz and is therefore extremely hard! 

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Unistone quartz composite is standard available in slabs of 300x140 centimetres. For a large number of colours, a Jumbo format is also possible, with a size of 330x165 centimetres. Depending on the colour, the Unistone is available in a thickness of 1.2, 2 or 3 centimetres and in one or more of the following finishes:

  • Polished: Without a doubt, the glossiest and smoothest finish, highlighting the colours, patterns, and white spots. Dark shades create a mirror effect.
  • Honed: The surface is scoured until a warm, matt shine is obtained. The grain size during scouring determines the final result.
  • Velluto: Innovative finishing method developed within Brachot. A velvet, matt finish with warm colours that’s very maintenance-friendly.


Unistone is ideal for use in the kitchen or in bathrooms. It is an extremely low-maintenance, low-porosity and durable material. The Quartz Composite is resistant to most chemicals and stains and is certified antibacterial.

  • Food safe
  • Antibacterial
  • Acid resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Stain resistant

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Unistone is available in over 50 colours, from snow white to pitch black – and everything in between. The extensive palette focuses on natural nuances with visible or camouflaged structures. You can choose between numerous patterns, from a marble look to the look of granite, limestone, concrete, and much more.