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The brand-new outdoor park of Brachot Brugge has a wide selection of materials and finishes on display. The options are endless thanks to the extensive choice of materials. Brachot is a world leader in natural stone and blended materials and relies largely on its own 20 natural stone quarries for the high-quality paving materials that it delivers. We complement that range with natural stone purchased through our network of renowned international quarries and suppliers, carefully selected by our in-house team of experts.


Knowledge centre for road construction and public works

You are always welcome at Brachot Brugge for expert advice and an extensive range of paving materials, both new and reclaimed. You can visit the recently renovated outdoor park by appointment.  


You can visit the recently renovated outdoor park by appointment. What is more, the site features new silos and a new weighbridge has been built. Our stock is also on display.

Unique & high-quality granites

Brachot has access to solid and high-quality materials from its own quarries through its Family Members. Family Member Kilkenny Limestone, for example, quarries the Irish blue limestone building stone. In France, Granitarn is known for its own quarries of Tarn granite. In addition, there are the French Rose de la Clarté granite and the Portuguese Blanc Perlé granite materials of Brachot. In Norway, Family Member Larvik Granite owns six granite quarries, including the unique Labrador Blue Antique and, in South Africa, Family Member Cameleon has its own natural stone quarry of the Nari Black granite and its own production site. All these granites are on display in Bruges!

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Everyone is welcome in our showrooms for inspiration and information, always by appointment. Simply make an appointment on the button below. Our materials are for sale through our professional partners in the construction industry.

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