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Brachot Surfaces introduces Uniceramica

Brachot Uniceramica basalto nero bocciardata

Sumptuous collection of ceramic slabs for interior and exterior finishes

With its own new Uniceramica range, Brachot Surfaces enriches its collection of ceramic slabs. These high-quality ceramic slabs offer great value for money and look convincing in every interior and exterior, thanks to the twelve different designs, two thicknesses and three types of finish.

Top Italian design with a natural look

Uniceramica is Brachot Surfaces choice for ten twelve marble, travertin, granite and basalt designs. Designs ranging from traditional to contemporary marble and from popular travertin and sturdy granite to sleek basalt are all part of this unique, high-quality collection of ceramic slabs. That enables Uniceramica to respond to the needs of every design.








Great quality for the price, with versatile applications

Brachot Surfaces aims to offer its customers the best quality every day of the year. The Uniceramica slabs are heat and scratch resistant, which makes them ideal for kitchen worktops. The material is also easy to care for and stain resistant. Uniceramica is perfectly suited for use as a floor, staircase or wall covering. It can even be used in the bathroom, thanks to its great mould resistance. What is more, Uniceramica slabs can be used as façade cladding and for other interior and exterior finishes such as window sills. The great value for money is an added benefit.

The slabs are available in a thickness of 1.2 cm and 2 cm. There are also three types of finish available. The standard option is the Naturale finish with its warm, spontaneous glaze. Then there is the Bocciardata finished developed by Brachot Surfaces itself, with an unusual rough surface. The Lucidato or glossy finish is only available for the Uniceramica Statuario.

The marble and travertin designs are also available in open book format. Two mirrored designs are placed alongside each other so that the design flows seamlessly from one to the next. The result is a perfect play of lines and marvellous harmony.

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