Brachot’s 20 quarries are located in France, Portugal, South Africa, Ireland and Norway. In each of them, materials are always extracted with respect for the environment and in line with the demands of sustainable entrepreneurship. Moreover, Brachot Family Members like Kilkenny Limestone actively invest in the deployment of their ZeroWaste programme. Our other sites are equipped with solar panels and water treatment plants to work towards a zero energy production.

Front view of the Tarn quarry in France


In the Sidobre region of southern France, Granitarn, a Brachot Family Member, extracts the local Tarn granite in its own quarries. These are Tarn Royal, Tarn Fin Grain and Tarn Gros Grain. These types of Tarn granite owe their hardness and strength to the composition of the Massif du Sidobre, from which high quality blocks are extracted.

Top view of the Rose de la Clarté quarry in France

Rose de la Clarté

Since 1976, the quarry has been extracting Rose de la Clarté natural stone from the Ploumanac’h granite basin. Although this basin has had a rich history of extraction for centuries, there are only two companies still active there today, including SAG, which is owned by Brachot. Its annual sales market is estimated in the region of 3.000 m³, with the Brachot quarries accounting for a good 2.300 m³.