Larvik Granite quarries – Norway

The Larvik Granite quarries offer its customers five different and unique materials. Blue, green, grey or brown, each quarry extracts natural stone of the highest quality with care and passion.

Blue Pearl #1 quarry

Blue Pearl #1 LG quarry

Larvik Granite’s Blue Pearl #1 LG stone is sourced from the original Blue Pearl quarry at Tvedalen.

Name: Aak, Tvedalen
Location: Larvik, Norway

Blue Pearl #9 quarry

Blue Pearl #9 quarry

Blue Pearl quarry #9 originates from the Monzonite quarry which has been in operation for several years now.

Name: Monzonite, Tvedalen
Location: Larvik, Norway

Silver Pearl quarry

Silver Pearl® #5 quarry

Our Silver Pearl® quarry #5 located at Haakestad, is based on an enormous and unique natural resource. Silver Pearl® is our top product, in terms of production volumes. Silver Pearl is a dark grey stone with large shiny pearls. The Silver Pearl quarry produce blocks in large sizes and in uniform colour.  

Name: Haakestad
Location: Larvik, Norway

Emerald Pearl quarry

Emerald Pearl #6 quarry

Our Emerald Pearl quarry #6 is located at Klaastad, Larvik. Exploitation and digging activities started in 2002. The quarry produces blocks of mixed sizes and qualities. The material is an elegant dark green stone with silver-blue pearls

Name: Skallist
Location: Larvik, Norway

Blue Antique quarry

Blue Antique® #7 quarry

The development of our Blue Antique® quarry #7 in Egersund continues and a large new area has been acquired, securing future supplies.

Name: Hellvik
Location: Egersund, Norway


Blue Pearl® #8 quarry

With the first blocks produced in September 2019, Blue Pearl quarry #8 is the youngest quarry of Larvik Granite. The quarry is still under development, with an estimated production of 1.500m³ per year. Production is continuously increasing, securing a constant supply of Blue Pearl #8 blocks.

Name: Vevja Øst (Tvedalen)
Location: Larvik, Norway